Accrobranche weekend wooded area near Paris hotel Parc de Coudray

Tree climbing 

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At the Parc du Coudray, well-being also means sport! In addition to being a natural space to recharge one's batteries, the pine and blue cedar wooded estate offers a tree climbing site for fun and exercise in the middle of the forest, 35 minutes from Paris.

The seven courses of different levels are suitable for everyone, from apprentice adventurers to experienced climbers, while the little ones will be delighted to climb the course dedicated to the under 6s. In the heart of nature, the fun and sporty courses offer 3 hours of fun going from platform to platform around 92 trees, flying through the air thanks to the zip lines, and taking advantage of the height to admire the 20 hectares of the Parc du Coudray!


Open from Saturday 26 March 2022 to the end of October.

-Every Saturday and Sunday during the day

-Wednesday afternoons

-Every school holiday in Paris (all day)

For further information please call 01 85 48 07 12

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